About Us


The Journey starts with a strong will to protect and conserve Nature and Wildlife from extinction. Shedding insights on the importance of wildlife conservation we aim to make the planet a better place where all organisms could coexist without disturbing the balance. Inspired by the continuous and lifechanging effort by National Geography and WWF, we would like to join hands to contribute in ways we could to spread awareness on the importance of conservation of nature and wildlife. Visit our website and Blog for more information.


Sharath Anand, a wildlife enthusiast, photographer, traveler, and blogger apart from being a corporate person, extends his reach in supporting the welfare of Nature and Wildlife. With continuous self-research carried out on the existing environmental and wildlife issues, Sharath would like to shed light on the importance of coexistence without disturbing the balance of nature. With a deep-seated passion for wildlife and nature, he keeps researching every organism in an in-depth pattern. Sharath has taken time to be part of the wildlife rescue team and also assisted wildlife photographers in learning animal behavior within their habitat.

Sharath has composed several documents on wildlife and nature. He finds time in educating the tender ones and elders on wildlife. Being a constant traveler, he explores new habitat, its culture understanding the life which exists there and the factors influencing it.

Sharath Anand