Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Please feel free to send in your feedback, doubts or clarifications on any of the topics related to wildlife or our postings. Your queries motivate us to deliver the best. Any queries posted shall be answered within a week’s time.

What’s your page about?

Eternal Elves is about shedding in-depth knowledge of wildlife and nature. Every week there shall be a post on a selected topic with subsequent amount of information related to it.

How long Does it take for you to answer our queries?

Any relevant queries shall be answered within a week’s time. You can email us all your related queries and shall be addressed via email/blog.

Can we request information on any topic related to Nature and Wildlife?

Of course! We will try our best to deliver the information requested with maximum information incorporated.

Do you charge for the assignments?

Not at all, we have started this website/blog for spreading awareness on the conservation of Nature and Wildlife. Your queries/assignments shall be addressed at ‘0’ cost.